Lexub 2021: Year in review

Lexub 2021: Year in review

2021 was a year that we expanded our user base and legal documents library and took one step toward our goal to create the largest library of real legal document examples. On behalf of all of us at Lexub, we would like to thank all our users for their cooperation in 2021. We hope that 2022 year will be even more successful and fruitful year for all of us.

Lexub in numbers

We are wrapping up the year with documents from over 40 countries and users from over 90 countries around the world.

Lexub experience interview series

In 2021, we had the chance to speak with these amazing lawyers around the world about their thoughts of the future of the legal industry and the advantages Lexub:  

Lexub Document Introduction video series

We introduced Lexub Document Introduction short video series last year to allow our users to introduce their documents in their own words and increase their reach.

Lesson Learned

Last year, we introduced another video series - Lesson Learned: short videos where experienced legal practitioners from around the world share practical tips and lessons learned from the practice and business of law.

Document Introduction and Lesson Learned videos can be found on our social media pages.




Verified accounts

We’ve introduced a new feature - Verified Users this year. We’re giving Verified badges to the profiles we’ve confirmed as authentic profiles for the lawyer or law firm. We hope this new feature will add credibility to your profile and increase your document sales.

Events and more

Last year, we had the chance to be a part of these great events and discussions. Here are the links to some of them: 

Codelex at TechLaw.Fest 2021: Democratization/"Uberization" of Legal Industry

Legal Tech Summarized: What you NEED to know in 2021

Lexub partners with Mongolian International Arbitration Center

Review of Lexub by Joshua Lenon (Clio's Lawyer in residence)

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