Lexub experience: An interview with Cyrille Naffah, Founding Partner of The Edge Law Firm in Lebanon

Lexub experience: An interview with Cyrille Naffah, Founding Partner of The Edge Law Firm in Lebanon

In this interview, Zolo Mundur, the CEO of Codelex Legaltech, spoke with Cyrille Naffah, Managing Partner of the Edge Law firm in Lebanon, about his law practice and his thoughts about using Lexub. Edge Law firm is one of the most active contributors of Lexub. Click to visit their profile

ZM: Could you please introduce yourself and your law firm briefly?

CN: My name is Cyrille Naffah, I am an attorney at law licensed by the Beirut (Lebanon) Bar Association. I have worked extensively as a corporate and commercial lawyer both in Lebanon and in the GCC region (primarily in Saudi Arabia) both in prestigious international law firms and corporations and my main areas of expertise are corporate, commercial (franchise, distribution, agency law, trademarks, etc.), TMT, Sports, and waste management.

After having acquired more than 20 years as a practicing lawyer, I decided 5 years ago that the time has come to set up my own practice which I have called The Edge and which is a forward-looking law firm with the ambition to anticipate and embrace new trends in the legal industry and have a forward-looking approach as to where the industry is headed, having significantly relied on the writings on the distinguished English professor Richard Susskind who anticipated much of the transformations the legal industry is undergoing in his famous books (Tomorrow’s lawyer, The End of lawyers, Online courts and the Future of justice, The Future of the professions, etc.). My firm is currently developing several legal tech platforms aimed at helping lawyers improve their practice of law and shape a new legal landscape.

ZM: How do you imagine the future of the legal industry and profession?

CN: As I mentioned earlier, the legal industry is undergoing significant changes enabled by the development of new technologies and the extensive use of artificial intelligence which will help store, retrieve, analyze, and smartly process enormous amounts of legal data (whether they be contracts or court documents or other types of data) and allow lawyers and other legal professionals (including judges) to work remotely and more effectively. 

ZM: What do you think are the advantages of Lexub? Would you recommend it to other lawyers?

CN: Lexub is a very useful tool not only for lawyers but also for business people and entities looking to have access to legal documents whether they be as simple as a Notice for a shareholders meeting or complex as a multi-billion dollar share or asset purchase agreement. I would definitely recommend it for lawyers as it would help them share their knowledge with their peers and beyond all the while monetizing their documents.

ZM: Please tell us some of the tools/websites/applications you find useful and would like to recommend to other lawyers around the globe?

CN; Lexis Nexis, Thomson Reuters, Practical Law, etc. 

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