Lexub lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace: 2020 Year in review

Lexub lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace: 2020 Year in review

2020 will be a year to remember for all of us. This year was an especially important year for us at Codelex Legaltech because it marks the launch of Lexub. Wrapping up our first year, we wanted to share some of our highlights of the year. 


In February, we announced the first phase launch of Lexub lawyer-to-lawyer document marketplace, your eBay or Amazon of legal documents, or a democratized PLC. You can read our launch announcement on Asia Law Portal here

Explainer video

Lexub experience interview series

To introduce our early adaptors to our global lawyers’ community and the ways they make efficient use of Lexub, we started Lexub experience interview series in April. In 2020, we had the chance to speak to 6 early adaptors from 5 countries. We are planning to have more fruitful interviews in the coming year. Links to the interviews: 

Document promotion

In addition to our focus on building the library of legal documents, we constantly promoted legal documents on Lexub through social media and other channels at no cost to the lawyers - as an early adaptor advantage. 

Ambassador Programme

We introduced our Ambassador Programme to our early adaptors. Our early adaptors can now earn rewards by inviting their peers to Lexub. 

Firm-level accounts

As well as helping individual lawyers monetize their own documents we added Firm-level accounts to In 2020, effectively giving innovative firms a free online shop and sharing platform. Here's an example of a Firm-level account

Events and more

This year, we were lucky enough to join some great events, discussions, and a podcast. Here are the links to some of them: 

Special thanks to everyone who enabled us to join. 

Lexub in numbers 

We are wrapping up the year with documents from over 20 countries and users from over 50 countries around the world. This is a great achievement to start with. On behalf of Lexub team, thanks to all of our early adopters for their support in 2020. In 2021, we will constantly strive to improve Lexub and help you get the most out of it.

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