Lexub experience: An interview with Bailikhuu Dambachultem, sole practitioner

Lexub experience: An interview with Bailikhuu Dambachultem, sole practitioner

In our first interview, Zolo Mundur, the CEO of Codelex Legaltech, spoke with Bailikhuu Dambachultem, an experienced lawyer from Mongolia, about his experience with Lexub, and of using the platform as an easy way to license documents to others.

ZM: Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

BD: My name is Bailikhuu Dambachultem. I have been working in the corporate restructuring field for over 10 years. During this period, I’ve authored and co-authored more than 30 books and manuals on corporate governance law and worked in the corporate governance in private and public entities.

ZM: What was the reason you have shared your documents on Lexub in the first place?

BD: In-house counsels are in need of rules, bylaws, and other corporate documents that can help their company conform to the principles of good corporate governance. As for me, I have spent quite a few years working in the corporate governance field. So, I have archives of legal documents in this area. Companies and in-house counsels used to ask me for templates of such documents, which in most cases I found hard to monetize. I wanted to contribute by sharing the document templates I’ve drafted myself in the past.

ZM: One of your documents was the first-ever purchase (license) made on Lexub. How did it happen?

BD: Shortly after I shared my documents on Lexub, I was very happy to find out one of my documents were licensed. I teach corporate governance classes and advise companies. I’d told some of my students and companies to go to www.lexub.com if they need document examples. The licensee was probably one of the people who I had mentioned Lexub. 

ZM: What do you think are the advantages of Lexub? Would you recommend it to other lawyers?

BD: I highly encourage other lawyers to use this platform. I think Lexub is a very convenient way for sole practitioners like me to offer their contracts and other legal documents online without any burden or extra costs. From my experience of licensing my documents on Lexub, I’ve realized that people who know your experience are more likely to trust your documents and purchase (license) them, therefore it is very important for the lawyers to actively let potential purchasers know about their documents on Lexub.

ZM: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us.

BD: Thank you too. I wish you every success in your future endeavors!

Lexub has waived commission fees on COVID-19 related documents. If you're wanting to play your part in helping our communities survive and rebound, feel free to use Lexub as a platform to help lawyers do just that. Simply register and upload  your documents. 

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