Lexub experience: An interview with Le Tien Dat, Managing Partner of Apolat Legal Law firm in Vietnam

Lexub experience: An interview with Le Tien Dat, Managing Partner of Apolat Legal Law firm in Vietnam

In this interview, Zolo Mundur, the CEO of Codelex Legaltech, spoke with Le Tien Dat, Managing Partner of Apolat Legal Law firm in Vietnam, about his law practice and his thoughts about using Lexub. 

ZM: Could you please introduce yourself and your law firm briefly?

LTD: I am Le Tien Dat, a licensed attorney-at-law in Vietnam and I have been working in the corporate and commercial field for over ten years. I am Managing Partner of Apolat Legal Law firm.

Apolat Legal is a full-service commercial law firm practicing in Vietnam. Our firm provides innovative commercial and legal advice which is of the highest international standard and practical in Vietnamese content. In the next decade, the vision of Apolat Legal is to be the true and reliable business law firm for middle market with a commitment to integrity, understanding and innovation. This will be a stepping-stone for the future, leading the legal market in Vietnam.

ZM: What was the reason you shared your document on Lexub in the first place?

LTD: Recognizing the founding purpose of Lexub, I would like to give a hand for creating a legal marketplace connecting the lawyer-to-lawyer. Besides, with Lexub, I have chances to upload my legal resources and share it with others easily. Not only big law firm can access legal documents via Lexub, younger lawyers can also use Lexub to find legal drafts of other lawyers and share their legal documents. So, I believe that Lexub is a useful platform for lawyers all over the world.

ZM: What was your first impression of a legal document marketplace? 

LTD: I remember I know about Lexub when looking for a crowdsourcing global platform where legal documents are drafted and uploaded by experienced lawyers. Lexub platform impressed me with its essential function when allowing lawyers to generate revenue, approach more customers, and develop their profile by presenting documents that they want to sell or license to other lawyers. Additionally, lawyers can also look for example legal documents provided by experienced lawyers.

It is my pleasure to become a member of Lexub. I want to contribute to this largest library by recommending Lexub with my friends, customers, and co-workers over the world. I firmly believe that Lexub will be increasingly popular thanks to its goal intentions and easy-to-use interface.

ZM: What do you think are the advantages of Lexub? Would you recommend it to other lawyers?

LTD: Indeed, I will recommend Lexub to other lawyers. I think Lexub is a handy platform that creates a chance for lawyers to earn money by utilizing their historical work products, as well as to reinforce their expertise profile. Lexub is not only the story of trading, but also the story of creating the long working relationship between the buyers and sellers in the platform. I hope that with the user-friendly design and essential function, more and more Vietnamese lawyers will know, explore and harness the power of Lexub.

ZM: Thank you very much for your time and in-depth answers. 

LTD: Thank you.



Lexub has waived commission fees on COVID-19 related documents. If you're wanting to play your part in helping our communities survive and rebound, feel free to use Lexub as a platform to help lawyers do just that. Simply register and upload  your documents. 

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