Employee Full and Final Settlement Agreement


Updated: Aug 17, 2021

M S Sulthan

M S Sulthan

Solo Practitioner

Accepted payment methods

Key description

  • This Agreement can be used at the time of termination of employment. Under this agreement the entity can protect its confidential information, ensure non-competence and non solicitation, etc. by the employee leaving the organization.




Covered clauses


  • Representations and Warranties of Employee

  • Confidential and Trade Secret Information

  • Covenant Not To Compete

  • Non-Disparagement

  • Covenant Not To Solicit

  • Remedies

  • Headings

  • Interpretation

  • No Waiver

  • Modification of Agreement

  • Notices

  • Disputes

  • Attorneys Fees and Costs

  • Entire Agreement

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