Lexub experience: An interview with Suzanne Natbony, a California attorney and founder of LawTake

Lexub experience: An interview with Suzanne Natbony, a California attorney and founder of LawTake

In this interview, Zolo Mundur, the CEO of Lexub, spoke with Suzanne Natbony, a California attorney and founder of LawTake, about her practice, LawTake, and her thoughts on Lexub. Click to visit LawTake's profile on Lexub

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and your law firm to us?

My name is Suzanne Natbony. I am a California attorney, licensed for 13 years, and practicing in Los Angeles. My focus is business transactional work, so I am corporate (general) counsel to many startups and small businesses. Some of my clients for whom I am general counsel are Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, and the For Us By Us Network. I love drafting and negotiating contracts on behalf of clients. I also like when I can put out their fires, such as with problem patients, disgruntled employees, or breaching vendors, though sometimes it is a challenge, so I work in conjunction with litigation attorneys, such as my Of Counsel position with Merino Yebri LLP. I have my own law firm to which I serve my own clients, Solve & Win, PC, located in West LA, and established in 2017. I chose the name, Solve & Win, because people call me for 1 of 2 reasons – to either solve their problem or win their case - whether it’s by drafting a contract to memorialize the deal, so it won’t be broken or to go after someone who breached in court and prevail. I am also a partner of the international law firm, Aliant LLP, which has offices on 5 continents and focuses on cross-border international legal services, including M&A, corporate transactional, and litigation.

  1. How do you imagine the future of the legal industry and profession?

While a lot of people predict that there will be more artificial intelligence and blockchain replacing attorneys, I am confident that a good listener, advisor, and advocate is irreplaceable. I treat my clients like friends and family. I listen to their problem, come up with a solution, advise them of the options and then advocate for their success. There is no replacement for that. However, using technology in my practice to make my practice more efficient and cost-effective is essential.

  1. What do you think are the advantages of Lexub? Would you recommend it to other lawyers?

I immediately vibed with Lexub because I am also an entrepreneur and founder of LawTake, which is a website for consumers to purchase legal documents and videos created by lawyers. I think that the advantages to lawyers on Lexub are to find documents that you can use in your practice while also offering to sell your documents for a price. I just joined, so I am also hoping to connect with other lawyers for referrals. I would recommend Lexub because it is also a user-friendly site.

  1. Please tell us some of the tools/websites/applications you can find useful and would like to recommend to others.

Besides Lexub, I do highly recommend LawTake as a website where a lawyer can create a video answering FAQs about a certain legal task or how to fill out a document, and then offer that document for sale. LawTake can be used by lawyers purchasing documents as well, but it is really a value-add on service for clients and resource for potential clients who aren’t ready to retain an attorney. I have also found LinkedIn, RocketLawyer, and Avvo to be useful websites for networking and connecting with clients. 


Lexub is a global legal document marketplace where lawyers and law firms around the world can publish & license their legal document templates. 


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