Lexub introduces its Innovative Lawyers Video Series

Lexub introduces its Innovative Lawyers Video Series

Lexub is excited to announce our Innovative Lawyers Video Series where innovative lawyers get the chance to introduce themselves and their practice to lawyers around the world.


Introduce innovative lawyers to other lawyers around the world and share their views on innovation, technology, and document drafting.

How does it work?

1. You will send us a video (up to 5-minute) that covers the following:

  • Brief introduction of yourself/your law practice and your achievements;
  • Your views on the role of technology and innovation in the future of the legal industry;
  • Anything you'd like to say about legal document drafting;
  • Any advice to other lawyers.

2. We will edit your video and shorten it to a maximum length of 2-minutes and promote your video on our social media pages.


  • Register to www.lexub.com and complete your profile (takes 2 minutes); and
  • Upload at least one priced legal document.

What is Lexub?

Lexub is an international platform that allows lawyers to easily share and monetize legal documents to other lawyers around the world, helping lawyers and law firms generate additional revenue, leads, and profile. Think of it like eBay or Amazon for legal documents, or a democratized PLC.

Go to www.lexub.com to check out the website. It is FREE to register and start offering your documents.


Why are we doing this?

As a team, we believe that the future of the legal industry is collaborative and distributed. By introducing innovative lawyers around the world, we would like to contribute to this future by sharing their voices.

Is there any fees involved?

Not at all. The only thing required from you is the video. We will take care of the rest.

Video requirements:

  • Resolution: 720p or higher;
  • Length: up to 5-minutes.

You can get the idea of the video from here.

What should you do to participate?

Once you meet the requirements, let us know your interest by sending a note to the e-mail or Linkedin account below. This helps us include your video in our plan.

More questions?

Send your questions to davaadorj@codelex.org or  Davaadorj Batkhuyag on Linkedin.

Register below to take your first step to be featured in our video series:

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