The CEO of Lexub answers FAQs about offering documents on Lexub

The CEO of Lexub answers FAQs about offering documents on Lexub


I’m Zolo Mundur, the CEO of Codelex Legatech, the company that created Lexub. In this article, I answered the most frequently asked questions about offering documents on Lexub by lawyers. If you have other questions, feel free to write them to me at or via a message to my Linkedin account. You can also schedule a demo of the platform here on my calendar. Answers to the basic questions about Lexub can be found on our FAQs page

Q: Why should I consider offering my documents on Lexub?

A: There are several reasons why you might want to consider offering your documents on Lexub. First, by offering your documents on Lexub, you can create ongoing revenue by licensing them to other lawyers around the world. Also, the connections you make on Lexub can help you generate new leads in new markets. Find out 5 ways that Lexub can help grow your legal practice from this article. 

Q: How should I set the price of my documents?

A: I assume you already know you have full control of the pricing of your documents. Legal documents can vary greatly depending on their type, form, length, use cases, the experience of the lawyer, etc. So, it is hard for us to tell how much your document is worth. If you find it hard to set a price for your document, I suggest you look at the pricing of similar documents in your jurisdiction for a reference purpose. You can search for documents here. If you are still unsure, send me a note. We will try to help you in setting the price for your documents.  

Q: What type of documents should I offer? 

A: Documents such as contract examples, templates, forms, and guidance notes are all of interest to the market. If you can’t choose which documents to offer, I’d like to suggest you see it from the demand side perspective by answering questions like “What type of documents might other lawyers have the most interest in? or “What type of document is seeked out or asked by peers the most?

Q: Does it breach any Professional Code/Rules of Conduct to publish my legal documents on Lexub? 

A: As you know, Lexub is a platform available for lawyers around the world. Therefore, it is hard for us to tell whether your activity on Lexub contradicts with any Code of Conduct. Before you offer your documents on Lexub, we highly encourage you to make sure you are not breaching any applicable legislation or Professional Code of Conduct. 

Q: I have uploaded my documents on Lexub. So, how can I promote them?

A; We promote legal documents with complete details by sharing them on social media. In addition, we occasionally run paid promotion campaigns on documents in specific jurisdictions or categories. One of the most likely groups of document purchsers is people who know you and your reputation. Thus, we advise our lawyers to actively promote their legal documents by sharing them on their own channels. Some firms even go one step further by connecting Lexub to their website. You can see how a Mongolian law firm created a tab on their website that connects with Lexub. 

Q: What is the most important thing in offering your documents?

A; Details on your document and user profile. Think about it this way: when we are doing online shopping, we often check the product details to know if it is what we are looking for or whether it is a good product. We also check if the seller is a reliable one. People looking for documents on Lexub are even more cautious because they’re considering to purchase a LEGAL DOCUMENT. 

What does that mean? First, they look at the document details including the preview and description to see if the document fits their need. They also look at the lawyer/law firm’s profile to see their relevant experience, reliability, etc. If you feel too lazy to describe your document thoroughly, you are lowering the chance of your document to be sold. I advise you to describe your document thoroughly and provide experiences to showcase your expertise on your profile. You might be a reputable lawyer in your area. But, Lexub users are global. So remember, your profile is the first place they find out about you. 

Is there any fee for registering or offering your documents?

Registration is completely free and takes 2 minutes. There is no upfront fee in offering your documents on Lexub. We charge a marketplace transaction commission (22%) + payment gateway charge (3.4% + USD 0.50) ONLY if your document is purchased on the platform. None of the charges are applicable to documents you’re offering for free. 

Thank you for your interest in Lexub.

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