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Standard Confidential Agreement_Traineeship_English & Vietnamese

Key description

  • Confidential Agreement between employer and their trainee during traineeship period
  • Covered Clauses: 1. Wheares; 2. Article 1: Confidential Information; 2. Article 2: Use of Confidential Information; 3. Article 3: Non-conflict of interest; 4. Article 4: Non-Solicitation; 5.



Covered clauses


  • Confidential information (Thông tin mật)

  • Use of Confidential Information (Sử dụng Thông tin mật)

  • Non-conflict of interest (Không xung đột lợi ích)

  • Non-Solicitation (Không xúi giục)

  • Sanctions against breach (Chế tài vi phạm)

  • General Provisions (Các quy định chung)

Hoang Phong

Hoang Phong

Solo Practitioner


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