Updated: Jan 13, 2022

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Mohamed Eid

Mohamed Eid

Solo Practitioner

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Key description

  • This Request for Arbitration contains information concerning the following:‎ i.‎ The name, description and address of each of the Parties (II);‎ ii.‎ The Parties’ contractual relationship, the nature and circumstances of the Parties’ dispute giving rise to Claimant’s claims (III);‎ iii.‎ The dispute resolution clause, the proposed governing law, the seat and ‎language of the arbit




Covered clauses


  • Introduction

  • The parties

  • The parties contract and the nature and circumstances of the parties dispute giving rise to the claims

  • Dispute resolution clause, governing law, seat and language of the arbitration

  • The arbitral tribunal

  • Claimant's damages

  • Relief sought

  • Payment of arbitration fees

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