Agreement of Merge


Updated: Mar 23, 2021



Solo Practitioner

Accepted payment methods

Key description

  • this is a model contract/agreement for M&A activity




Covered clauses

The Merger

  • The Merger

  • Closing

  • Effective Time

  • Effect of the Merger

  • Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations of the Surviving Corporation

  • Directors and Officers of the Surviving Corporation

  • Subsequent Actions

Effect of The Merger on Capital Stock

  • Conversion of Securities

  • Payment; Surrender of Shares; Stock Transfer Books

  • Treatment of Stock Plans

  • Dissenting Shares

  • Adjustments

  • Lost Certificates

Representations And Warranties of The Company

  • Organization

  • Authorization; Validity of Agreement; Company Action

  • Consents and Approvals; No Violations

  • Capitalization

  • SEC Reports and Financial Statements

  • Absence of Certain Changes

  • No Undisclosed Material Liabilities

  • Compliance with Laws and Court Orders

  • Material Contracts

  • Information in Proxy Statement

  • Litigation

  • Employee Compensation and Benefit Plans; ERISA

  • Properties

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