Agreement between a Website Owner and a Contributor for Personal Interactive Website

United Kingdom

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

19 clauses

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Key description

  • This is a contract whereby the owner of a website retains the services of an interactive service expert for the latter to provide his services for the use of the public visiting the owner's website. Although designed for use in the UK, this form may be adapted for use in other jurisdictions.




Covered clauses


  • Definitions

  • Engagement of the Contributor

  • Copyright

  • Obligations of the owner

  • Obligations of the contributor

  • Time of the essence

  • Mutual indemnity

  • Claims against third parties

  • Rights of the third parties

  • Confidentiality

  • Entire agreement

  • No partnership of employment

  • Notices

  • Value added tax

  • Force majeure

  • Termination of the agreement

  • Third party transfer

  • Limitation of liability

  • Governing Law

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